Vanguard was hired by thegameHERs to produce and design the recent gameHERs Award Show, a project designed to celebrate and recognize women in gaming. In partnership with SKRV, we produced 4 shorts and designed the final show, culminating in 14,000+ peak views for a first-time production for an emerging brand.

Valorant Sunday Showdown

The Valorant Sunday Showdown is a Valorant tournament organized with the purpose to give back to and celebrate the competitive community.

Since inception in February of 2020, it has grown into the largest and longest running amateur tournament in North America. With over 14,000 participants spread across 3400+ teams and $30,000 in prize money paid out to date, the VSS is the go-to weekly tournament for players aspiring to make a name for themselves in Riot's newest competitive title. Major brands such as RedBull and HyperX trust the VSS for this reason.